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The College of Human Behavior

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The Globe's Only Online, Recognized, Accelerated, and Accredited

Board Certification Programs in Human Behavior

and Positive Psychology!

The College of Human Behavior  
(The Science of Human Nature and Potential)

Our Human Behavior Studies track 

     -  Board Certified Human Behaviorist (BCHB)©
        (requires bachelor's degree or equivalent)

The College of Positive Psychology 
(The Science of Happiness and Well-Being)

Our Positive Psychology Studies track

     -  Board Certified Positive Psychologist Specialist (BCPP)© 
        (requires bachelor's degree or equivalent)

Master the Theory, Science and Application 

of Human Behavior and Positive 

Psychology Principles 

and Practices!

Begin Your Studies at Any Time! 

We do not operate on an antiquated semester or school-year basis! Your assigned mentor is ready to begin working with you today!

Published Author Program!

Upon completion of your master's or doctoral certification program, you will have written your first book. We will show you how to create your own website for your book and make it available to the public as an eBook for purchase and downloading. As a published author, your professionalism and credibility will be greatly enhanced. 

Here are the key features of our programs

1. Guided Self-Study 
2. Private Practice Assistance and Guidance
3. Low Cost 
4. Individual Mentoring (the Oxford Tutorial Method)
5. Learning by reading, research, and written papers (the Sorbonne Art of Study) 

People from all backgrounds, occupations, and professions may join The College of Human Behavior to earn Board Certification. 

These programs are ideal for those who seek self-enrichment, professionals in the life coaching field, teachers, pastors, counselors, therapists, HR professionals, psychologists --- anyone who seeks to enrich his or her own life, help others lead happier and more meaningful lives, develop better relationships, and create success in life. 

"The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the 
circumstances they want and if they can't find them, make them." 

George Bernard Shaw

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Thank you for your interest in our programs. We're pleased 

to offer board certification programs in human 

behavior and positive psychology.

What makes you happy?

Where did your personality come from?

Why do you have trouble controlling certain behaviors?

What does your self-esteem do?

Why do you behave differently as an adult than 

you did as an adolescent?